(one of many ways YOU can save money, AND help the environment)


ASK YOUR CITY TO SUPPLY 100% RENEWABLE ELECTRICITY: all residences are automatically included; aggregated (city or region-wide) electric purchasing enables significant discount

SWITCH TO A GREEN/RENEWABLE ELECTRIC SUPPLIER  This is the lowest complexity option that provides ~SAME environmental benefits as installing solar panels:.

HOW DOES AN INDIVIDUAL SWITCH TO A RENEWABLE SUPPLIER?  uses Great Eastern Energy as example. other sustainable suppliers in NJ are likely to have a similar process:

·      General information is provided at http://www.nj.gov/bpu/residential/ ; Renewable Energy Certificates and http://www.renewablechoice.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Guide-To-RECs-White-Paper.pdf

·      Great Eastern Traders buy contracts from nation-wide Brokers of “sustainable” certified electric sources. 

HOW DO YOU PROCEED?  On-line signup takes only minutes. 

RENEW AT CONTRACT END.  (using Great Eastern as example) You receive a letter 1-2 months before contract end.  Follow the letter's directions.  You will have a month or two to re-enroll (call or use web site). On 10/9/2017, the renewal rate was lower than offered to new customers.  If you do nothing, you will be switched to a month-to-month variable rate for your sustainable electric. (This variable rate, on 2/17/2017 was ~JCP&L rate).  While you are month-to-month, you can call Great Eastern and switch back to JCP&L (might take 2 months for the switch).

REFERENCES:  Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd (a commercial electric customer) has switched to Great Eastern Energy.  Good Shepherd church members (Residential customers) have switched.

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NOTES: NJ Electric suppliers are required to meet "Renewables Portfolio Standard" (currently ~20% of electric must be renewable).

This report was updated by S. Miller 10/9/2017