JCP&L CUSTOMERS: This table summarizes 100% renewable electricity available 1/20/2018 in NJ to JCP&L residential customers in zipcode 07748 and church/business in zipcode 07733.

Customers of other electric companies (Atlantic Electric, PSE&G, Rockland) should determine their own pricing and savngs. 
 PSE&G CUSTOMERS:  Example for PSE&G residential customer in zipcode 08824 with "Basic Generation Service" 12.21 cents/kwh: On 1/25/2018, 3rd party suppliers displayed these prices on their websites (24 month contract for 100% renewable) : Great Eastern Energy
11.80 cents/kwh; YEP 14.14; Liberty Power 12.92

Prices are in cents per kilowatt-hours, and should be compared to JCP&L "Basic Generation Service" (previously “Price to Compare”): 9.692 cents per kwh for residences (as of 1/18/2018) and 9.04 cents per kwh (as of 12/17/2017) for church.  "Basic Generation Service" (previously called "Price to Compare") is explained in the left “Messages” column of the JCP&L bill.  The lowest cost supplier in the following list will save a residential customer 0.69 cents/kwh (7%), save a church about 0.89 cents/kwh (10%), and release no greenhouse gases, in order to slow global warming.

The EPA recommends buying only third - party certified and verified green power sources, identified here, and indicated by *(e-certified), in list, below. Many of the 3rd party lowest cost suppliers were e-certified as of early 2017, and subsequently dropped e-certification




07748 zip
(# months in contract)

07733 zip

(# months in contract)

Great Eastern Energy
e-Certified in early 2017;
not presently e-certified


Renewable Electricity

100% Renewables

9.571 (12mo )

9.136 (24mo)
(promo price after enter “green”)


~0.14 cent lower than public price

8.489 (12mo)

8.141 (24mo)

(promo price after enter "green")

YEP Energy



6/12/18/24 month fixed Patriot Plan

Variable Patriot Plan

100% renewable

100% renewable

9.52 (12 mo)

9.39 (24 mo)

10.69 (12 mo)

10.51 (24 mo)

Liberty Power https://www.libertypowercorp.com/residential-power-companies/

Liberty Green

"super green"

9.852 9 mo
9.555 24 mo
9.215 33 mo


Clearview Energy




100% “green”

8.79 (12mo)

10.39 (18 mo)



9.89 (6mo)

10.39 (12mo)

Constellation  http://www.constellationrates.com

12 Month Green Plan

100% “green”

9.99  12 mo

must complete form to get quote

Viridian Energy


Pure Green
Rooftop Solar
(“Free installation + Long Term savings”)

100% renewable

(variable?) (vendor installs rooftop solar & charges for the electricity)

only 50% renewable plans are available

Green Mountain Energy
*(e-certified- commercial-only


Solarsparc100 (12)

Pollution Free (12 )

100% solar


100% wind

13.86 (12 mo) price includes special solar projects)

11.41 (12 mo)

must complete form to get quote
Agera Energy *(e-certified) Pure Wind Pure Wind 100% 11.712 12mo
11.067 24mo
9.692 12 mo
9.360 24mo

ArcadiaPower*(e-certified) - wholesale, only


Wind 100% Wind

1.5 cents premium above JCP&L; no contract


Ambit Energy *(e-certified)


Certified Green

Wind, biomass

Month-month Variable, +2 cents/kw

10.36 (12 mo)

Energy Plus


EnergyPlus Green Option

100% wind

Quote requires completion of web form


CleanChoice Energy *(e-certified)
formerly Ethical Electric

100% Clean 12 & Clean Start

99% wind; 1% solar




100% solar (requires sign-up form)

12.90(12 mo) 1st mo is free for new cust; "signup today & we will send you $50"

signup on a waitlist for community solar farm in your area

14.10 (12 mo)

SFE Energy

http://www.sfeenergy.com/   1-877-316-6344

SFE Green Electricity Program

Various carbon reductions, incl landfill gas

Must call or “chat” on website


  *(e-certified), per independent audit;

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Some suppliers may meet Green-e Energy Certification: https://www.green-e.org  explanation

A good overall guide to purchasing electricity:  http://www.nj.gov/bpu/residential/

Energy selection sites (no selection site is complete):

  More complete explanation

archives: 3/25/2017 ; 6/12/2017 ; 7/7/2017 : 10/8/2017

compiled 1/20/2018 by S. Miller