(one of many ways YOU can save money, AND help the environment)


BUY a subscription to COMMUNITY SOLAR (currently in NJ trial; buy quickly at current 21% savings from your current electric utility bill; the last of the NJ BPU Year 2 trial may become fully subscribed by summer, 2023). One major source: https://arcadia.com Other Community Solar plans are likely in following years.

This is a cheaper/easier alternative to rooftop solar; it will be easy to buy and sell a subscription to the electricity, (or, possibly, a future ownership share in the solar array)

SWITCH TO A GREEN/RENEWABLE ELECTRIC SUPPLIER for your home and/or business.  This provides ~SAME environmental benefits as installing solar panels, requires no up-front cost, HOWEVER, since late 2021, prices have been considerably higher than NJ local electrical utility prices


·      General information is provided at https://www.nj.gov/bpu/residential/ ; Renewable Energy Certificates and Offsets and RECs: What's the Difference?

·      Traders buy contracts (for RECs from nation-wide Brokers of “sustainable” certified electric sources) 

HOW DO YOU PROCEED?  On-line signup takes only minutes. 

RENEW AT CONTRACT END.  You receive a letter 1-2 months before contract end.  Follow the letter's directions, and you may receive an ADDITIONAL renewal discount from published prices for new customers.  Call or use web site to renew. If you do nothing, you will be switched to a month-to-month variable (higher OR lower) rate for your sustainable electric.  While you are month-to-month, you can call your 3rd party supplier to switch back to JCP&L (might take 2 months for the switch).

A LONG SHOT: ASK YOUR CITY TO SUPPLY 100% RENEWABLE ELECTRICITY [this could be subscriptions to Community Solar!): all residences are automatically included; aggregated (city or region-wide) electric purchasing enables significant discount. This is legally called Renewable Government Energy Aggregation and is often named Community Choice Aggregation. Eight Monmouth County cities, led by Red Bank, are creating a regional aggregation. "Middletown for Clean Energy" is pushing for 100% renewable electricity to be supplied by Middletown. Join our mailing list to keep informed!

ASK MEMBERS OF YOUR ORGANIZATION/ASSOCIATION/CHURCH TO JOIN TOGETHER AS AN ELECTRICAL AGGREGATION. Request bids from the lowest cost green suppliers to provide the aggregated 100% renewable electricity for all group members and associated facilities

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NOTES: NJ Electric utilities are required to meet "Renewables Portfolio Standard". RPS currently requires ~23% of electricity provided by JCP&L is from renewable sources. The RPS increases each year, until electricity reaches 50% renewable in 2030.

This report was updated by Steve Miller 7/2/2021 stevemiller@comcast.net