RENEWABLE PRICES ARE slowly coming down after several months reaching unprecedented high (abnormal in almost 5 years of tracking)

JCP&L CUSTOMERS: This page rank orders lowest price 100% renewable electricity as of 2/15/2022 in zipcode 07748. The NJ Board of Public Utilities (BPU) provides guidance, and a list of licensed 3rd party electrical suppliers.
 Prices are in cents per kilowatt-hours, and should be compared to JCP&L "Price to Compare" explained in the left “Messages” column of your JCP&L bill. This "Price to Compare" is fixed in winter, and computed for each customer in summer, based upon actual electrical usage. 
JCP&L "Price to Compare" is 9.954 cents/kwh, "winter" 10/1/2021 to 5/31/2022; (this rate will increase 1% after the Feb, 2022 NJ annual Wholesale electrical auction)..
Prices of all renewable vendors are unprecedented high (in 5 years of tracking). LOWEST COST STRATEGY: Wait for a NJ "Community Solar" project. CHECK OUT (but dont enter your credit or debit card!) ARCADIA POWER's new program that claims it will match you to a Community Solar project (This might reduce your price ~10%, IF such a project is available - NJ will momentarily start a wide-spread program.) If Community Solar is NOT available, then Constellation.com is currently best (a 36 month contract for renewable electricity is only 7.4% higher than JCP&L.) Always refresh your browser (click the little circular arrow n top left of the browser) to view the latest prices.
The EPA recommends buying only third - party certified and verified green power sources, identified here
Limited experience suggests that a consumer can receive a discount from these published web site rates by phoning for lowest price.
PSEG CUSTOMERS: your PSEG electricity is more than 2cents/kwh higher, and these suppliers are ALSO more than 2cents/kwh higher. Check the supplier for pricing.




(# months in contract)

(# months in contract)



NEW: provides electric from ?US-wide? community solar projects


claims savings up to 10%. To be verified. "Community Solar" will start to be widely available in the next few years.

https://www.Constellation.com *(e-certified Commercial RECs)
(acquired Agera Energy assets***)

BUNDLES AVAIL: 72c/therm gas - 81% GREATERthan NJNG

10.69c/kw 7% more expensive then JCPL

"Green Elec"

offer code ROCKSTAR


12.49 (12 mo)

10.69 (36mo)

Verde Energy
Green Choice $100 Home Depot gift card (12 mo contract)

12.19 (6mo)
12.09 (12 mo)
(~11.. after gift card)


Clearview Energy

  11.89 (6mo)
11.59 (12 mo)
14.79 (6 mo)
12.59 (12mo)
https://get.inspirecleanenergy.com/plans "Prices will be adjusted and are subject to change based on your address and personal energy usage" Inspire Fixed 12  

11.69 (12 mo)
must enter personal data for quote)


Tomorrow Energy https://tomorrowenergy.com/
offers gas@$1.149/therm; includes "100% carbon offset" NJNG BGS is $0.3753/therm as of 8/24/2020 )

100% wind - 4 trees planted per year

EarthCare 12



12.14 (12 mo)

12.14 (24 mo)


Green Mountain Energy
*(e-certified- Wholesale RECs and Commercial RECs)


"Pollution Free"

100% wind

12.80 (12 mo)

must complete form to get quote

YEP Energy https://yepenergy.com

Credo Energy https://www.credoenergy.com
switched to USG&E

100% Green

12.89 (12 mo)
13.19 (24 mo)
13.39 (36mo)

Direct Energy
  "Go Green Lights 24"
12.89 (24 mo)

CleanSky Energy https://CleanSkyEnergy.com

(likely Texas-based)


Teaser rate: 9.95cents for 3 months; defaults to variable rate (if long term contract not chosen) "100% Renewable clean"

12.9 (9 mo)
14.1 (12 mo)
14.1 (24 mo)

CleanChoice Energy
formerly Ethical Electric

enter offer code CleanOption75 to receive a $75 VISA® prepaid card

100% wind and solar (from PJM region)

14.2 (12 mo)



SmartEnergy electricity


RECs purchased for wind, solar, hydro, geo within the U.S. $100 gift card
13.2 (6 mo) call for quote

Ambit Energy *(e-certified Residential Renewable Electricity)


Certified Green

"Green" (North Central)

11.96 cents/kw

must enter business info

Community Energy
https://www.communityenergyinc.com/products/new-jerseyFuture candidate for "Community Solar" projects

(previously marketed under NJ CleanPower Choice Program)



Sterling Planet *e-certified (Wholesale and Commercial RECs)

(previously marketed under NJ Clean Power Choice Program  

sells RECs
and sells carbon offset for travel


Viridian Energy


gas is 39.21c/therm 12 mo 25% carbon offsets
gas is 38.81 c/therm 24 mo 25% carbon offsets
NJNG BGS is 37.53c/therm, as of 8/24/2020

RPS+50% renewable green energy (72% renewable with 22% current RPS)


no longer enrolling new customers



Energy Plus


EnergyPlus Green Option

100% wind

$25 rebate
+3% credit

Quote requires "sign up"

Liberty Power- sold asssets to DirectEnergy.com ALL CONTRACTS TRANSFERRED TO DirectEnergy.com at no change to existing terms      

SFE Energy

http://www.sfeenergy.com/   1-877-316-6344

SFE Green Electricity Program

Various carbon reductions, incl landfill gas

Must call or “chat” on website

Must call or chat on website

  *(e-certified), per independent audit;
**Illinois sued liberty Power telemarketing for ripping off consumers (making fradulent claims of price savings)
https://patch.com/illinois/across-il/illinois-attorney-general-sues-shut-down-liberty-power-scam (2/19/2020)
In April, 2021, Liberty Power filed for chapter 11 reorganization because of absorbing extraordinary charges in the Texas freeze;
Aprox 11/2021, all Liberty Power contracts were transferred to DirectEnergy.com (contract terms were unchanged).

***Constellation acquired agera assets

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Some suppliers may meet Green-e Energy Certification: https://www.green-e.org  explanation

A good overall guide to purchasing electricity:  http://www.nj.gov/bpu/residential/

Energy selection sites (no selection site is complete, but the quotes include fossil fuel suppliers which you must steer away from; instead, select "green" suppliers)

  More complete explanation

EPA video on RECs - the currency of renewable energy

RESIDENTIAL (ROOFTOP) SOLAR SELECTION GUIDE (June, 2018); Q&A (2021); join "Solar United Neighbors of New Jersey" coop for lowest price solar

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